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About the Midwest Ohio Baseball League :

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League began operations in 2005 but has roots in a previous organization dating back to 1990. Teams from as far north as Bellfountaine, as far west as Richmond, as far east as Springfield and as far south as Cincinnati are members of the league.  Currently there are more than 200 teams involved in the league.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is a select baseball league, which offers a competitive baseball environment. The format of this organization enables coaches to develop their players’ skills to prepare them for successful high school, and potentially, college competition. Thus, the format is designed to allow youth in the area the opportunity to play the highest appropriate level of competition available. 

Age groups from 10-14 are divided into Competition Based Divisions in order to maximize competition and parity. This allows our players to be pushed by competition to be the best they can be while recognizing that there are different levels of select baseball. In 2007 the Midwest Ohio Baseball League expanded from it’s traditional age groups of 9-14u to include a 15-16u group and in 2008 8u and 17-18u was added.  The league continues to try to meet the needs of the coaches, players and parents who love baseball. 

Membership is selective but may not be discriminatory. Anyone agreeing to these principles is welcome to apply for membership.

If you have any questions please contact Wade Westfall, by phone 937-672-1260 or email@ wade8276@yahoo.com.

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