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The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

CABA (Continental Amateur Baseball Association)

The Continental Amateur Baseball Association launched the initial season in 1984 with the vision of starting a new more user-friendly youth baseball organization that would provide more teams the opportunity to participate at the national level. As the new kid on the block at that time, it was incumbent upon them to develop a program that would offer real alternatives, so the C.A.B.A. was the innovator in providing national level events for single age levels 9-18. In addition, the C.A.B.A. initiated round robin play leading to a double elimination championship bracket. These seem almost standard procedure in today’s youth baseball world, but in 1984, it was a revolution! Since that time, many thousands of teams from virtually every state, along with Puerto Rico, Panama, Guam, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic have participated in C.A.B.A. World Series events. In addition, hundreds of players that have since gone on to play at the professional level have played in C.A.B.A. World Series events, including C.A.B.A. Graduates of the Year such as Alex Rodriguez and Todd Helton. http://www.cababaseball.com

NABF (National Amateur Baseball Federation)

The National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) was established at an organizational meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1914, and is the oldest continually operated national baseball organization in the country.  The NABF is based on the idea that teams should represent leagues in national competition. For each league of four or more teams, a team from each league is assigned to a regional tournament.  NABF hosts over 50 regional tournaments, plus eight national championship tournaments, throughout the year. http://www.nabf.com


SANDLOTT (Select Amateur National Development League of Travel Teams)

SANDLOTT Baseball's mission statement is to "create leagues and a program that challenges the talented player and assist that player to the next baseball level".  SANDLOTT Baseball has developed very special leagues for teams participating in 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, 18u and 19 & over year old age divisions. Teams are selected each year to participate in a very select league from the some of the strongest programs in the country. Teams are selected to play in the league in pairs from each travel league.  Selecting teams in pairs creates the ability for each team and the team they're paired with, to host or travel to play two double headers in one weekend against two different opponents. Four games in one general location creates less travel and less wasted time. Each team plays 5 double headers (10 games). Two weekends covers 8 of the games and the team you're paired with in your immediate area can be played weekdays for the remaining double header.  http://www.sandlottbaseball.com/

Super Series

Super Series Baseball of America was founded by sportscaster Mark Mathew in 1999.  During the past ten years, the organization became one of the fastest growing youth baseball organizations in history.  More than 100,000 teams have registered and played Super Series Baseball.  Super Series Baseball has also been innovative.  Super Series was the first to introduce Winter National Championships, souvenir merchandising, and staggered (by age division) entry fees.  In 2009, Super Series has tournaments from coast to coast in three different skill level divisions, for ages 7's thru 18's.  In addition, Super Series offers regional World Series events in the American and Minors Divisions in July, and true National Championship events in the Super 16 Division.  Super Series has one of the nation's most visited youth baseball web sites;  offers weekly e-news letters to fans, players and coaches; publishes a bi-monthly magazine; and co-sponsors a weekly baseball instructional show on the Fox Networks entitled "Baseball Player University" during the summer months. http://superseriesbaseball.com

USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association)

USSSA has been in existence for over 40 years, specializing in the development of the youth athletes. The United States Specialty Sports Association covers a variety of sports from baseball to soccer, with over 75,000 teams registered in the United States participating in USSSA baseball.  We are currently forming leagues and recruiting teams throughout the world to play in our 1st Annual Global Sports World Series events in the United States.  For more information you can go to usssa.com for more history on The United States Specialty Sports Association.  http://www.usssa.com, http://www.usssabaseball.org, http://www.usssaohiobaseball.com

WBA (World Baseball Association)

World Baseball Association (WBA) is a new youth baseball sanction founded in 2007 in Frisco, Texas. 2009 will be the inaugural season for play. WBA was founded on the principals of offering more baseball opportunities to more teams, being a positive asset the community, and providing a flexible, friendly relationship for the leagues and tournament providers that work hard to promote the game of baseball for our youth. The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is proud to announce that the WBA will hold their 2009 World Series events in Dayton, Ohio in the 10U and 14U age levels. http://www.wbabaseball.org

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