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Issue Based Contacts

• Where available, please see link as most questions can be answered online




Continuous Batting (Rules & DI Addendum): Rules

Division Assignment Petitions (Process & Form): Division Assignment Petitions Process

Ejections (Rules & Form): Ejections

Field Dimensions (Rules): Field Dimensions Rules

Free Substitution (Rules & DI Addendum): Free Substitution Rules

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Issue Resolutions (Form): Issue Resolutions

League Tournaments (Division Requirements): League Tournaments Division Requirements

One Call Now

Pitch Count (Rules): Pitch Count Rules

Player Documents

Rainout (Rules): Rainout Rules

Rescheduling Games (Rules): Rescheduling Games Rules

Umpire Scheduler North

Umpire Scheduler South


World Series

For all issues that do not fit into one of the above categories, please contact help@midwestohiobaseball.com.




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