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The Pie Peddler Fund Raising ProgramThe Pie Peddler Fund Raising Program

It’s as easy as pie!

  • We provide 9” fresh-baked homemade pies
  • There are 9 flavors of fruit and cream pies
  • The Pie Peddler is fully owned and operated by Mehaffie Pies, Dayton OH
  • Contact us for information or to set a date for your sale:
  • We provide order forms for each player
  • We sell to you for $5 per pie; You resell for $10 per pie
  • Take orders until one week prior to your desired delivery date
  • Collect money when you take the order
  • We deliver to your team location on the day/time requested
  • Pay our driver upon delivery
  • Distribute pies immediately upon receipt

All-American Fundraising All-American Fundraising

  • In business since 1968 based in Waterloo, Nebraska
  • We provide several different selling programs.  Just a few of the more popular includes:
    • World’s Finest Candy Bars-  50% profit
    • VSA Fall Gift Catalog-  50% profit
    • Jenny’s Favorite Cookie Dough-  40% profit
    • Family Favorites Frozen Food Brochure-  40% profit
    •  Team Spirit NFL and Collegiate Mugs-  40% profit
    • Nuts About Chocolate-  40% profit
  • Online ordering capabilities
  • All orders are sorted individually by child to help the distribution process
  • The entire process takes 6 weeks from start to finish.  You have all of your money in 2 weeks!  Payment to All-American is due upon delivery. 
  • Contact Ryan Frankart for information or to schedule a meeting

Triple Digit Speed Pitch Triple Digit Speed Pitch

  • Triple Digit Speed Pitch supports schools and youth sports programs across Ohio. Their business is built around making fundraising easy for parents and coaches, and fun for the players. Here's how it works:
    • Triple Digit works with your program to schedule a date to have a "speed pitch" event. All players will get to see how fast they can throw!
    • Players and parents are provided with pledge forms to collect donations based on the player's fastest speed. Forms are turned in to Triple Digit staff at the event.
    • That's it! Triple Digit puts on the fun team event, and collects from all the pledges for you. That's right - no money to collect, nothing to deliver after the event. "We like easy" is what coaches and parents tell us!
    • Your program is guaranteed 50% of the funds collected from this fun, free event. All you have to do is encourage players and parents to collect pledges, and get the players to show up for the event!
    • Triple Digit Speed Pitch even provides fun incentives for players to reach certain fundraising goals (pizza parties, custom Louisville Slugger Bats, group tickets to a baseball game), at no cost to you.
    • Perfect for baseball and softball players of all ages and skill levels.
    • Special bonuses for programs of 10 or more teams, and for referring other programs to working with us (our business model is based on making things easy for you. So when you make things easy for us by bringing a lot of players to an event, we want to reward you for it!)
    • Contact Carl Allen at tripledigitspeedpitch@gmail.com or 859-992-6316 to learn more or schedule your team's event!

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