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2020 Final Standings

Important Dates

June 27, 2021

End of Season for 8, 9 & 10

July 6, 2021

Dayton Dragons Award Night 8, 9 & 10 


June 27, 2021

End of Season 11 & 12 

June 29, 30 & July 1 2021

End of Season League Tournament for 11 & 12 

July 4, 2021

End of Season 13 & 14

July 6 & 7 2021

End of Season League Tournament for 13 & 14 

July 9, 10 & 11 2021

Midwest Ohio/Crossroads Tournament open to all age groups

Past Dates

April 2, 2021


May 14, 15 & 16 2021

Midwest Ohio/Crossroads Tournament open to all teams. 

February 28, 2021

League Scheduling/Baseball Pick-up

Loaction: Scene 75

Enter from West Side of Building 

6196 Poe Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45414

Time: 8 & 9 U  5:00pm-5:45pm

         10 & 11 U 6:00pm-6:45pm

         12-13-14 & 15U 7:00p,-7:45pm

This will be an opportunity for coaches to come with family, players, parents to enjoy Scene 75 at a discount.  While coaches are finalizing their schedule kids and family can be enjoying the games and attractions of the facility

February 26, 2021

Final Age Group assignment, regional splits, coach contact information and number of league games,  At this time coaches are free to start to scheduling 

February 22, 2021

Divisional split adjustments

February 21, 2021

Preliminary age group and divisional splits sent for coach verification on or before Sunday. We had a number of late pay that caused the delay. 

February 14, 2021

Close of Registration for the 2021 season


December 20, 2020

League meeting by Facebook Live 

6:30 pm 

Midwest Ohio Baseball Facebook page 


Registration opens for 2021 season. At this time coaches will be able to register for the 2021 season and post tryouts. League is working on end of season letter and age group/divisional winners. 


End of Season for all Age Groups


League Requirements Due. All league coach administration should be completed at this time. Insurance, birth certificates, coach back ground checks, concussion certificates, player/parent contracts should all be uploaded.  

5/26/2020 Opening Day

Opening Day


League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S. Paterson Blvd

Dayton, Ohio 45409

8 & 9 U: 5-5:45 pm

10 & 11 U: 6-6:45 pm

12,13, 14 & 15 U: 7-7:45 pm


Coaches Contact Information and League Game Requirements sent to coaches before 5 p.m.  

Scheduling is Open


Final Divisional and Regional Splits Sent to Coaches 


Preliminary Age Group Assignments to coaches for review. 


Registration Closes for 2020 Season for Age Groups 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14 U

15-U Closes March 1,  2020 

All League Fees and Payments are Due


Any and All Petitions for division assignment appeals 


League Fees are Due  


Coaches Meeting

This Meeting is for New and Returning Coaches for upcoming 2020 Season.

Rules, Adminstration and Changes will be available. 


Location: Centerville High School Auditorium 

Time:D-1 Teams 5:00 pm

New Coaches 6:00 pm

Returning Coaches 7:00pm




Coaches who are registered for the 2020 season will be able to gain access to system to send contracts to parents and players.  Players are able to commit to team at this time.   

7/15/2019 7:00 p.m

New/Returning team Registration will open for 2020. At that time teams will be able to register for the 2020 season and post try-out information.  Please note that MOBL allows one tryout posting at a time with each team account.  

Midwest Ohio Youth Sports Leagues ...."A Better Way to Play"

League News

Dayton Dragons Night

Click HERE for Dayton Dragon Night details! 

Missing Background Checks

Click HERE for a list of assistant coaches who are missing background check information as of 3/27/21. 

Instructions RE: Background Checks for 2021 Season


We are happy to report that USA Baseball has finally supplied us with the news that Background Checks and the Signs of Abuse Training requirements have been clarified to be required EVERY 36 MONTHS RATHER THAN EVERY 12 MONTHS.

Thus, for any of you who completed the Background checks and/or Abuse Training requirements last year, we will update your on-line check marks over the next two weeks.  This process must be completed manually so will take some time.  Please be patient.  We will get it done.

Secondly, if you have background checks from your organization, work or other places (completed in the last 3 years), attached is the information and forms required for compliance in this instance.

Third, if you have not had a background check within the last 3 years, you must complete your background check and Abuse Training requirements.  Once you have sign up for the Background Check, you will be emailed information on the Abuse Training requirements.

Coaches who need Background Checks must go to:  https://opportunities.averity.com/MOBLLC

Here are the directions once you get logged in and paid:

1.  Click on your TEAM and AGE GROUP (Teams are listed alphabetically)


3.  Click on PROCEED

4.  Fill out Application


Once you have completed the Background Check, the link to the Abuse Training will be sent to your email.

IF you have had a Check in the last 36 months, click here.


MWOB Compliance Program for Senate Bill 534

2021 Season Outline

Click HERE to view the 2021 MOBL Season Outline Letter.

DEC 20 League Meeting Agenda

 To view the Agenda from the DEC 20 League meeting for new and returning coaches, click HERE.

League Scheduling /Baseball Pick-up night

Date: February 28, 2021

Loaction: Scene 75

Enter from West Side of Building 

6196 Poe Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45414

Time: 8 & 9 U  5:00pm-5:45pm

         10 & 11 U 6:00pm-6:45pm

         12-13-14 & 15U 7:00p,-7:45pm

This will be an opportunity for coaches to come with family, players, parents to enjoy Scene 75 at a discount.  While coaches are finalizing their schedule kids and family can be enjoying the games and attractions of the facility



2021 Team Registrations

Team registrations for the MOBL 2021 season are now available HERE.

End Of Season Letter

Click HERE to view the MOBL 2020 End Of Season letter.

USSSA Age/Grade Exception Rules

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has always been in favor of changes to the rules and sport that encourages more players to participate in baseball.

Therefore, effective with the 2021 season, and in cooperation with USSSA Baseball, the Midwest Ohio Baseball League is adopting the USSSA Age/Grade Exception rules. A summary of those rules can be found HERE.

Teams should be aware that not all Tournament events will allow players with these exceptions.


Wade Westfall


 Click to View:


Outline For MOBL Season Beginning May 26th


Guidelines for Re-Opening Baseball



League Position on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Coaches and Parents:

The health, safety and well-being of our players, coaches, parents and fans is of the utmost importance for us at Midwest Ohio Baseball LLC.

The situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing rapidly.  We are monitoring the situation and are in discussions with park districts and coaches regarding this difficult situation.  

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton has banned gatherings of more than 100 people.  Individual games in youth baseball would not typically violate that threshold.

We have no intention of cancelling the Midwest Ohio Baseball Season at this time.  We know that teams, players, coaches and families all have a vested interest in this baseball season.  It is important that we protect this interest by not simply canceling the season.  Thus, as we have always done, coaches have the options to control their schedule.

You may choose to play or not to play games beginning March21st or to postpone the beginning of your schedule.  It is currently up to you.

Please communicate with your parents, opponents, parks/fields and any other stakeholders regarding early season games.

In the meantime, if you decide to play games or practice now, please remind your parents and players:

1. If you or your child is sick, DO NOT COME TO GAMES or any team events.  Please be responsible and considerate of others and stay home.
2. The older population is most at risk.  If you are over 60 please consider staying at home.
3. If you have a condition resulting in a compromised immune system, it may be wise to avoid youth sporting events.
4. If you have traveled recently to suspect areas of the world, please consider staying home.
5. Wash and disinfect your hands frequently.  Wipe down equipment after using it.
6. Cough into the crook of your elbow or into a tissue instead of your hand.
7. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing please seek medical assistance.

We are following this situation closely and will continue with updates.

We simply are not willing at this time, to simply cancel the season.  

If the need arises to postpone the official beginning of the season, or to otherwise suspend the season in some way, we will be in touch and post to this site.


Wade Westfall, President



2020 Midwest Ohio Baseball Survey

 Midwest Ohio Baseball Survey

What are the different Bat Certifications?

Click HERE to Read and/or Download Bat Certification Info

MOBL New Coaches Agenda 2020

 Click HERE to view the 2020 New Coaches Agenda.

Team registrations are now OPEN

Click HERE to register your team for the MOBL 2020 season.

Celebrating our 30th Year

Midwest Partnering with Local Communities


The upcoming season marks the 30th for Midwest Ohio Baseball League (under two names).  The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has been the formative League for thousands of players who went on to play high school baseball, hundreds of players who went on to play college baseball and dozens of players, including some Major Leaguers, who have gone on to play professionally.  We are proud of our impact on the Baseball Community and intend to continue to positively influence baseball in the Miami Valley for many years to come.

Our Prime Directive has always been to do what is in the best interests of baseball in the Miami Valley and to remember, it is always about kids playing baseball.

We are announcing several initiatives for the 2020 season which will enhance this Prime Directive:

1. The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is partnering with communities that have made an investment in their parks for the economic benefit of the entire community. We will soon announce significant partnerships to run Tournaments across the Miami Valley.  
2. The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is partnering with these communities to provide game and practice fields for those teams who need or want it.
3. The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will be providing a Fall League in 2020.
4. The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will be bringing Professional Baseball Skills Camps to the Miami Valley.
5. We will be reaching out to coaches for feedback on our end of season awards programs for the 11-14u teams.


Be on the lookout for exciting announcements and more information in the coming days.



Lets Be Social!

When was the last time you told your child, "I love watching you play"? As the Spring season kicks off, we would like to challenge all youth sport parents to watch this video. Also, we know that the majority of you are on your phones when reading this email so hop on over and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to interacting with everyone this season! 



Reminder about Rule Changes regarding Time Limit and Ejections

 Coaches:  This is just a reminder about changes we outlined in the initial meetings last winter:

Rule 5.d.:  a. In ages 8-14 only, there will be a 2 hour 15 minute time limit.  This means that no new inning shall start after the 2 hour and 15 minute time limit; innings started within the 2 hour 15 minute time limit shall be completed.
Rules 13.a:

1.      Ejections, Issue Resolution and Sanctions

a.  Any player ejected will be ejected from that game plus the next league game.  Any Coach ejected from a game will be ejected for that game plus the next 2 league games.  Plus, each Coach ejected will be fined $100 to be paid to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Ohio Concussion Certification

Ohio Concussion Certification Link:




All coaches must take the video course, then provide their certificate for upload to your MOBL account. Thanks! 

Background Screening Link

MOBL Backgound Screening Link:


Simply click the link and follow the instructions to complete your Background Screening requirements for the 2019 season.

For Coaches who are with Baseball organizations who have completed background checks within the last 12 months AND/OR Coaches who have had other Background Checks in the last 12 months, follow the instructions on the form found HERE

Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

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