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2024 Final Standings

Important Dates

7/8/2024 Registration Opens

Registration opens for the upcoming 2025 opens Monday July 8th. Age groups 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14&15-U. Teams at this time will be able to post try-outs once registered. Any questions contact the league. 

7/9 10&11th 2024

13 & 14-U End of Season Tournament 

Past Dates


13,14&15-U End of Season 


End of Season 8,9&10 U  


11&12-U End of Season Tournament 


Final regional and divisional brackets sent to coaches. Number of league games, contact info of head-coaches. Coaches are free to start scheduling.  



11 & 12-U End of Season 

Registration Open for 2024 Season

Prior to first game

League Requirements Due

Coaches must have League requirements completed at this time. All teams must be insured. Coaches must be background checked,  concussion training. Players birth certificates and contracts uploaded.  

3-23-24 Opening Day

2-18-2024 League Scheduling Meeting & Baseball Pick Up

Location: Scene 75

6196 Poe Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45414

Time: 8 & 9 U- 5:00pm-5:45pm

         10 & 11 U- 6:00pm-6:45pm

         12-13-14&15U- 7:00pm-7:45pm

This will be an opportunity for coaches to come with family, players, parents to enjoy Scene 75 at a discount.  While coaches are finalizing their schedule kids and family can be enjoying the games and attractions of the facility.


1-31-2024 Registration Closes

League & Order Fees due 


Preliminary Divisional splits sent to coaches.  

12-17-2023 New & Returning Team Meeting

Location: Facebook Live


Please forward any questions by text or email.  

7-1-2024 Dayton Dragons Award Night for 8,9&10 U teams

All 8,9&10-U teams are invited. Those teams finishing 1st&2nd in divisional/regional splits receive 15 tickets and medals from league. Additional tickets on a first come first served bases. Teams, fans and family are encouraged to attend. This is always a sold out event. 

Midwest Ohio Youth Sports Leagues ...."A Better Way to Play"

League News

Team Registration for the MOBL 2025 Season OPEN

 Click HERE to register for the 2025 season.

13-14u Year End Tournament

 Click HERE for the 13-14u Year End Tournament Schedule.

League Announces 7-U Division for 2025 Season

Midwest Ohio Baseball League announces a 7-U division for the upcoming 2025 season. 
Registration for the 2025 for all age groups 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14&15-16 -U will open on or before



Pitch, Hit & Run


Major League Baseball's free annual skills competition is coming to baseball players the Dayton area on Saturday, July 13th. Regional winners advance to compete at the Cincinnati Reds team competition. Team competition winners have a chance to win an expenses-paid trip for two to compete at the 2024 World Series!



1:00pm to 4:00pm - Saturday, July 13th.  You can come and compete anytime during that time window.  The weather makeup day is the next day.



Patterson Park Youth Baseball's "Downstairs" fields off of Irving Ave near the University of Dayton, Across from Kramer’s Bar and Grill. 1013 Irving Ave., Dayton, OH 45419


Eligible Ages

7-12 year old baseball players as of November 15, 2024


How to Register

Visit this link to register for free: https://pitchhitrun2024.leagueapps.com/events/4264566-patterson-park-youth-baseball


What is Pitch, Hit & Run?

It is a free, national skills competition sponsored by on by Major League Baseball in ballparks around the country. Players test their skills in throwing accuracy, hitting distance, and running speed.


The best scores from the region (Dayton, Cincinnati, etc.) are eligible to compete at the next round, hosted by the Cincinnati Reds!


The best part? Winners will advance through the program for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for them and a guardian to compete during the 2024 MLB World Series!


What Does My Player Need to Bring?

- While there will be a few bats on hand, if your player has a bat they like, bring it!

- Batting helmets are required when hitting.

- Water

- Running shoes or baseball cleats

- Comfortable, athletic clothing

- If your player is more comfortable throwing with a baseball glove on their catching hand, bring that as well.




The event is not limited to our organization, so feel free to share with anyone in the Dayton area who might be interested.


If you have any questions, please email john.berry@jblog.com 


Hope to see you there!

Dayton Dragons Night

Our upcoming Dayton Dragons night is Monday July 1st.  This is a part of our awards program for the league. The night is open to all teams in 8, 9 & 10-U age groups.


8, 9 & 10-U age group/divisional Winners and Runner-ups receive up to 15 tickets from the league as part of your award for winning and placing 2nd in your division/regional split.



No matter how your season ended up additional tickets can be purchased for players, coaches, families and fans at a cost of $10.00 per ticket for the lawn and a cost of $15.00 for seat. All tickets include a hat. All stadium tickets receive $5.00 of Dragon Bucks.  

Parents, family and fans are encouraged to join us. We have reserved multiple sections of the outfield seats and lawn tickets available.


All games for age groups 8, 9, &10 have until midnight June 23rd to get games in. Coaches that finish first or second in their division /regional split will be contacted Monday the 24th. Only league games completed the 23rd will be considered for league standings and awards.


Start working on ticket request now, do not wait until last minute. All orders must be in by June 23rd. 


Coaches, this is a sold-out game and all additional ticket request are first come first serve. There will be no availability of tickets through the Dayton Dragons/Box Office prior to game. All tickets must be purchased through the MOBL.


Here is the procedure that we will follow to handle the tickets:

1.      Check with your team today and see how many player & coach tickets you need. Place order ASAP.  Remember only 1 & 2nd in each age group divisional/regional split receive tickets (up to 15) paid for by the league. Additional Team tickets each are $15.00 seat, $10 Lawn. Tickets include a Dragons Hat and $5.00 Dragon Bucks for seat tickets. 

2.      Check with your parents and families on additional tickets. Seats are $15.00 lawn tickets are $10.00. This includes a Dayton Dragons hat with each ticket.

3.      Collect your money. 

4.      Once order is placed avoid changing order. No day of adjustments.

5.      Email me at wade8276@yahoo.com with team name, age group, head coaches name and amount of tickets needed.

6.      I will call/email you to confirm order.  Make sure the order is confirmed. 

7.      Monday night July 1st between  5:00-5:50 pm head coach (or team rep) will bring exact amount of money in the form of CASH or ONE CHECK. Checks made out to Midwest Ohio Baseball or MWOB (Cash is preferred) location for pick up will be in front of the main box office/corporate offices in the plaza. There will be no changes of orders at the game. Tickets must be picked up that night prior to 5:50pm. NO day of cancelations. Tickets may also be picked up at my home any time prior to the June 30 contact me at 937-672-1260 to make arrangements.

8.      Gates open at 6 and game starts at 7.

9.      Line up for on Field parade in right field area at 6:15.

10.  Awards for age group /divisional/regional 1st & 2nd place winners only will be passed out after parade.



If you are a league/divisional/regional winner 1st or 2nd place your team will receive their league medals that night. Only 1st and 2nd place League/divisional will be medaled. This will be the only pass out of awards. If you and your team are unable to attend, please contact league for arrangements for pick up.


All players should be in team uniform (Shirt & Hat)


In addition to countless Dayton Dragons gifts such as posters, bobble heads, t-shirts and signed baseballs, three players will be chosen, one from each age group, to throw out the first pitch of the game. Kids will also be chosen to participate in the on-field skits, behind the scenes private tour of the Dayton Dragons facility and meet and greet with Dragons players. All teams will participate in a parade on the Dragons Field prior to start at the game. This year we are excited to announce that Ron Oster former Cincinnati Reds 2nd baseman will be joining us as our special guest. It is good that your players have a knowledge of Ron’s career. This may get them an opportunity for an autograph baseball and a meet and greet. 


Coaches, I need your help to make this run smoothly. Needless to say, with over 1,500 people attending the event this is a huge night and a great deal of enjoyment for the kids, families and the league. So please get your order in ASAP. Any questions please feel free to email me at wade8276@yahoo.com or call a 937-672-1260. 


Scheduling of Games/Umpires

Coaches, We have been disussing the declining umpire numbers for several years now. 

With the eclipse and steady rain over the past several weeks and the need for umpire schedulers to prioritize HS games, effective immediately all make-up games need to be rescheduled after May 12th.  

Until then make sure you coordinate with umpire schedulers on current games and rescheduling of games to make sure they have umpires available; do not assume they can cover games.  Please communicate during this time.  

Any questions contact the league.  

Background Screening Link



As you likely know, all youth coaches are required by law to have background checks.


For those of you who have completed your background checks already, we are updating the list and will post the updated list by 3/15/24.


Effective immediately, for those who have not completed the background checks, we are using a new provider, USA Baseball. Instructions are below.

If you have not yet completed your background checks, please use the USA System.


USA Baseball’s BASE (Baseball Athlete Safety Education) program is a zero-tolerance campaign for any type of abuse within the sport of baseball. As a BASE organization, all coaches are required to complete a standard background check and Abuse Awareness for Adults course. Please follow the instructions below to become BASE Compliant.

More information including the USA Baseball Ineligible List and the Online Reporting Form for abuse within the sport can be found here.


1. Create an Account or Sign in to USABDevelops.com

  • Go to USABDevelops.com or download the USA Baseball App.
  • Click “Sign in/Register”
  • Enter all information marked with a red asterisk when creating an account
  • Select Midwest Ohio Baseball, LLC from the “Organizations” drop down menu and click +Join
  • If you have an existing account, click “Update Profile” to register with your organization


2.Complete Abuse Awareness for Adults course:

  • Find “BASE Compliance” and click “+Enroll”
  • Select “View Details”
  • Click “Abuse Awareness for Adults” → “+Enroll” → “Go to Course”
  • Complete the course


3. Complete the Standard Background check:

  • Find “USA Baseball- Standard Package” and select “View Details”
  • Click “+Purchase” and apply credit card information
  • USA Baseball – Standard Package costs $10 to purchase.
  • Click “Continue to Checkout”. Once purchase is complete click “Continue”
  • Click “Go to Questionnaire” and complete the background check questionnaire




Please contact Develops@USABaseball.com if you have any questions or need additional support.



Note: If you have had background checks performed by another service or organization whithin the last 12 months, please fill out the form located HERE and email to bkgrckMWOB@gmail.com.


Divisional / Regional Splits have been sent out

Click below to view the Divisional / Regional Splits:

8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u

Contact the league with questions/comments at Help@Midwestohiobaseball.com.


Midwest Ohio Tournaments



Registration Now Closed

Registration for the 2024 season is now closed. If you would like to play in the league you need to contact the league admistration at 937-672-1260.  At this time the league is working on divisional/regional splits and number of games. Coaches should be working on league requirements. All teams need to be insured. Final call for baseball orders. Any questions please contact the league. 

Concussion Certification

Ohio Concussion Certification Link:



1. Create a free account

2. Click 'Order Course' and check out (It's free)

3. Click 'Dashboard' then 'My Courses' and take the course

4. Save your certificate and upload it to your MOBL account

What are the different Bat Certifications?

Click HERE to Read and/or Download Bat Certification Info

New and Returning Teams Meeting

The New and Returning Teams meeting was broadcast 12/17/23 on Facebook Live, click HERE to watch the video (no Facebook acct needed).

Team Registrations are NOW OPEN Closes 1/31/2024


Click HERE to register your team for the MOBL 2024 season. Tryout postings are available to all registered teams.

Have a great season!

Reminder about Rule Changes regarding Time Limit and Ejections

 Coaches:  This is just a reminder about changes we outlined in the initial meetings last winter:

Rule 5.d.:  a. In ages 8-14 only, there will be a 2 hour 15 minute time limit.  This means that no new inning shall start after the 2 hour and 15 minute time limit; innings started within the 2 hour 15 minute time limit shall be completed.
Rules 13.a:

1.      Ejections, Issue Resolution and Sanctions

a.  Any player ejected will be ejected from that game plus the next league game.  Any Coach ejected from a game will be ejected for that game plus the next 2 league games.  Plus, each Coach ejected will be fined $100 to be paid to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Former Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famers Eric Davis & Ron Oester

Legends Eric Davis & Ron Oester spent time celebrating the Midwest Ohio Baseball League awards night at the Dayton Dragons. 

Eric Davis and Ron Oester


MOBL Featured in County Leader Magazine!

Read the full interview with Miami County Commissioner & Midwest Ohio Baseball President Wade Westfall HERE.

Midwest Partnering with Local Communities


The upcoming season marks the 32nd for Midwest Ohio Baseball League (under two names).  The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has been the formative League for thousands of players who went on to play high school baseball, hundreds of players who went on to play college baseball and dozens of players, including some Major Leaguers, who have gone on to play professionally.  We are proud of our impact on the Baseball Community and intend to continue to positively influence baseball in the Miami Valley for many years to come.

Our Prime Directive has always been to do what is in the best interests of baseball in the Miami Valley and to remember, it is always about kids playing baseball.

We are announcing several initiatives for the 2022 season which will enhance this Prime Directive:

   The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is partnering with communities that have made an investment in their parks for the economic benefit of the entire community. We will soon announce significant partnerships to run Tournaments across the Miami Valley.  
    The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is partnering with these communities to provide game and practice fields for those teams who need or want it.
The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will be bringing Professional Baseball Skills Camps to the Miami Valley.


Be on the lookout for exciting announcements and more information in the coming days.



USSSA Age/Grade Exception Rules

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has always been in favor of changes to the rules and sport that encourages more players to participate in baseball.

Therefore, effective with the 2021 season, and in cooperation with USSSA Baseball, the Midwest Ohio Baseball League is adopting the USSSA Age/Grade Exception rules. A summary of those rules can be found HERE.

Teams should be aware that not all Tournament events will allow players with these exceptions.


Wade Westfall

Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

Lets Be Social!

When was the last time you told your child, "I love watching you play"? As the Spring season kicks off, we would like to challenge all youth sport parents to watch this video. Also, we know that the majority of you are on your phones when reading this email so hop on over and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to interacting with everyone this season! 



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