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MOBL Ejections & Sanctions

Previous Season Ejections & Sanctions

Team Age Group Position Name Infraction Penalty
Gem City Naturals12player...He beat the throw to first by a step, but was called out. He then threw his helmet down after exiting the field and said this sucks. I was coaching first base and immediately told him to pick up his helmet and sit on the bench, as we do not tolerate that behavior. This did then cost us an out later in the game, and he did apologize to the coaches and team after the game. This is his first incident, and is out of character for him. I do know that he has been very emotional these past few days, as he is worried about his grandma having open heart surgery tomorrow. We do not take that as an excuse by any means, and I do hope that the league does not add on any more suspensions , other than the league standard of the next game as well. He really is a good kid, and has never been ejected or done anything like this before. Thanks, Brad Blackmore (Head Coach Gem City Naturals 12u)Ejected from game, and then suspended for the next
Springboro Destroyers12player...#9 was called out at first on a close play and immediately started acting unsportsmanlike. Jumped up and down, threw his helmet. The umpire ejected him from the game.Ejected from the game plus one game suspension
Northridge Diamond Kings14player...Player was ejected after malicious contact at the plate. While trying to score, Knights player jumped and lifted his legs so that his knees were around the head of catcher and spikes were at the chest level of catcher. This caused an unnecessary collision at the plate when the catcher had the ball and was waiting on the runner to slide.Player was ejected Plus one game suspension
Knights Baseball14player...failure to slide.Ejected from game plus one game suspension
Dayton Mohawks13player...Contact with catcherEjected and suspended 1 game
Dayton Mohawks13coachJesse AndersonUnsportsmanlike behaviorEjected and suspended 1 game
Graham-GYAA14coachRich RhodesCoach Rich Rhodes Head Coach for Springfield Hammerheads was Ejected from first game of double header. Over a call at the plate. Also Missed Second game.Ejection from first game and Missed second game
Patterson Park Flyers13player...failure to slideEjected from game plus one game suspension
Kettering Kings12coachTravis MartinUmpire ejected the coach (Travis Martin) from the game for arguing with him.ejected from game plus one game suspension
Beavercreek Sox9coachJosh WeeksUnsportsman like behavior, arguing about strike zoneEjected from game plus one game suspension
Graham-GYAA14player...failure to slideejected from game
Miami Valley Venom12coachChad Patrickunsportsmanlike behavior. Arguing with umpireEjected from game plus next game
Centerville Elks Black11player...Player argued umpires call and threw dirt.Ejection & sat out the following game
PANIC9coachWade Butlerunsportmanship behaviorsuspended from game plus next game


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