Coaches Suspended For Purposely Losing Tournament


MURFREESBORO – Coaching responsibilities of two Rutherford County girls basketball coaches were suspended Wednesday, four days after their teams purposely tried to lose a district tournament consolation game.

“Good athletic coaches possess skills that maximize the players’ skills, strategize winning game plans, instill self-discipline and impart the value of teamwork to reach a common goal,” Rutherford County Schools director Don Odom said in a release. “Players also learn skills that build integrity and character, primarily by how their coach models before them. In these last two areas, we failed last Saturday evening.”,200&eid=61619403&bid=1019931

Are Youth Sports Evil?


Very interesting article – see if you agree

Little League is immoral.

And, furthermore, all youth sports are bad for our kids and nearly every team our children play on is run by criminals.

If you were exposed to enough coverage this week in the wake of the Jackie Robinson West scandal, you couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the demonization of sports.

It’s not the first time. It will not be the last.

This pops up every now and then, and we should neither be surprised by the disgraceful behavior of a few nor the absurd overreaction by those who have never understood the benefits of sports in the lives of young people.,200&eid=61619403&bid=1013608

Do You Know Baseball? A Fun Quiz


Thanks to Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine for providing this quick baseball quiz.  How much do you know?

For useful  information from Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine, check out their site:


Did You Know???


Test your baseball and injury knowledge with this quick quiz


1. “Tommy John” surgery is a well-known procedure for baseball players with elbow ligament tears. Who is Tommy John?
A. The surgeon who first successfully performed the procedure
B. The major league pitcher from 1963-1989 who was able to return to playing after the procedure
C. The English anatomy professor who discovered the ligament
D. A high-school pitcher who needed the surgery after throwing 193 pitches in one game


2. The ___________ is a group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder, important for the overhead motions required in sports like baseball and swimming.
A. Rotary cup
B. Rotator cuff
C. Rotator cup
D. Rotary cup


3. Little League baseball rules limit the number of pitches that 13- to 16-year-olds can throw in one day to:
A. 65
B. 75
C. 85
D. 95


4. Which type of injury accounts for over half of all baseball injuries?
A. Collisions
B. Overuse injuries
C. Head and neck trauma
D. Shoulder injuries


5. Which type of injury did Ryan Howard sustain in his last at bat, ending the 2011 NL playoff series for the Phillies?
A. Broken ankle
B. Hamstring strain
C. Torn Achilles tendon
D. Torn rotator cuff




1. A-Tommy John surgery (TJS), known by medical professionals as ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction is a common surgery for pitchers. However, there is a BIG misconception that pitchers can throw harder after Tommy John Surgery than they did beforehand. This surgery cannot make a pitcher faster and is only done when absolutely necessary.


2. B- The rotator cuff is 4 muscles commonly remembers as SITS. Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subacapularis. Stretching is key to avoiding a strain or tear to the rotator cuff.


3. D- Use caution with pitch counts. Little League elbow is a condition that is caused by repetitive throwing motions, especially in baseball. It is most often seen in young pitchers under the age of sixteen. The pitching motion causes a stress to be placed on the elbow joint which can cause damage to the structures of the elbow, resulting in injury.


4. B- According to the CDC, more than half of all sports injuries in children are preventable. Rest and cross training with other sports and activities reduces the risk of an overuse injury.


5. C- The average age of Achilles rupture patients is 29–40 years with a male-to-female ratio of nearly 20:1.

The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports


“My 4th grader tried to play basketball and soccer last year,” a mom recently told me as we sat around the dinner table after one of my speaking engagements. “It was a nightmare. My son kept getting yelled at by both coaches as we left one game early to race to a game in the other sport. He hated it.”

“I know,” said another. “My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.”

Why Athletes Should Think Twice About Energy Drinks


A new study has revealed good news and bad news for athletes who enjoy energy drinks.

On the bright side, the study conducted by Camilo Jose Cela University (CJCU) in Madrid, revealed that the athletes they studied who downed energy drinks before athletic competition saw their performance improve. The bad news is that the slight bump in performance came with a nasty list of side effects including insomnia, nervousness and an increased stimulation level following competition.

Dayton Children’s & Midwest Ohio Baseball Form Partnership


Dayton, OH – Sept 2014– Midwest Ohio Baseball and Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine have announced a joint partnership whereas Dayton Children’s will provide educational seminars, baseline concussion testing and other support to Midwest Ohio Baseball properties and their 260+ Select Baseball Teams within its network. Midwest Ohio Baseball is one of the largest organizations in SW Ohio bringing the highest level of competition and learning to youth baseball from ages 7 through 18.  Sports Image®, a sports marketing firm, brokered the deal between the two organizations which will start as a one year deal between the two organizations.

“Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics is proud to partner with the 260 youth teams in the Midwest Baseball League,” stated Ms. Ashley Stanko, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Sports Medicine.  “We believe that supporting youth sports and keeping kids active helps build a strong, healthy community.”

“Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine’s team of certified sports medicine trainers and physicians are uniquely trained to understand how an injury may effect growth and how growth may affect rehab of the injury.  This partnership with Dayton Children’s to provide concussion baseline tests to all of our players, is only the beginning of the positive impact for our coaches, players and parents,” said Mr. Wade Westfall, President of the Midwest League.

With several tournaments throughout the year and the hundreds of games being played within the league, Midwest Baseball hopes that this new partnership will help to educate players, coaches and parents regarding the danger signs – as well as how to react – of dehydration, concussions and other injuries that, unfortunately, are commonplace in youth athletics today.

Ms. Stanko echoes that sentiment in stating, “As much as we want every kid to stay healthy, we are here to help injured athletes get back in the game.  Our pediatric trained sports medicine specialists treat more youth and adolescent orthopedic injuries than anyone in the area and know that the growing body needs special care and attention. Any information we can arm parents and coaches with is the first step in getting great care.”

“The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is determined to be on the forefront in educating and preparing our coaches, parents, and players on the significant issues surrounding concussions.  Our partnership with Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine is a perfect fit.  This partnership will result in each and every player in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League getting a FREE age and gender based concussion base-line test, compliments of Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine.  If there is a better way to show their commitment to the health and well-being of young athletes, I do not know what it would be…” stated Mr. Gregg Beemer, VP of Baseball Operations.