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Rules for MWOBL

Bat Restrictions

Coaches and Parents: These are the rules regarding bat restrictions. We must follow the national affiliation's directions and will do so.

For 15-18u only BBCOR certified for NFHS use, wood composite which is BBCOR certified or one piece wood bats will be legal for 2012 and beyond.

For 14 and under, players may use BBCOR certified for NFHS use, wood composite bats which are BBCOR certified, one piece wood bats, or bats that are BPF 1.15 stamped on the barrel.

Some BFP 1.15 bats were manufactured prior to the requirement to stamp this into the barrel...parents whose child has one of these bats must obtain a letter from the manufacturer indicating that a pre-July 2011 manufactured bat meets the BFP 1.15 guidelines. This would include bats who have a sticker rather than the stamped BFP 1.15 into the bat.

These are our league rules.

Some tournaments will have their own rules so check with them before you enter.

Umpires will ask the coaches at the plate meeting if their players are properly equipped including the new bats. It is the Coaches responsibility and liability to make sure the bats are legal.

If an umpire sees an illegal bat he may throw it out without further penalty. However, if it is brought to the umpires attention that a player has used an illegal bat (defined by stepping into the batters box), the player and the coach will be ejected, the bat thrown out of play and the play reversed. Remember that an ejected player and coach must also sit our the next league game.

More importantly, if there is an injury resulting from the use of an illegal bat, the coach may be held liable and responsible which could include very serious civil and potentially, criminal impact.

Coaches, immediately forward this email to all of your parents.

Once again, these are our league rules and must be followed.

Wade Westfall & Gregg Bemmer

President & Vice President of MWOB

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